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2019          Under construction

The revitalization of shopping centers is one of the current themes of urban and architectural design. Our winning design of the reconstruction for Futurum shopping center sees the fragmentation of the original volume through matter and colour, bringing the building back to the human scale and, wherever possible, open it and present its contents.


The existing limitations of the plot did not allow for significant extensions beyond the current floor plan, therefore the main gestures were designed in relation to the verticality of the building. This created a total of six "towers", which accentuate the various operating elements that punch on the facade. This impression of a cluster of objects of different volumes is amplified towards the entrance to the visitors, where the scale of this suburban building is brought to dimensions comfortable to human perception. "All our interventions have made people coming to this center feel as if they were in the city and not on the outskirts." (Tomas Kozelsky, design director / partner).


The color scheme of the façade is another element that breaks the rigidity of the mass, and the gradual transition of colors enables the visitors to better orientate themselves in relation to the complicated traffic around the center.

The high emphasis on quality workmanship of colors was reinforced by the invitation of the painter and graphic artist Václav Kočí, who is the author of the pattern and colors of the facade. 'The concept of the façade's design is to emphasize the tectonics of the building with a smooth color gradient that is composed of color areas referring to crystal facets.' (Václav Kočí, artist)


For the sustainability of the aesthetics of the architectural design, a solution of advertising ligth boxes was proposed. These are placed exclusively in one strip on the facade and their morphology will strictly follow the graphic and architectural manual of the center. By this intervention we minimize the impact of graphic smog on the suburban zone along Vídeňská Street with the vision of supporting better construction in the given location in the future.


Team           Tomáš Kozelský, Alexandra Georgescu, Viktor Odstrčilík, Kateřina Baťková



Client          Trikaya
Size             40 000 m2
Suppliers     HB Real
Facade colour design     Vaclav Koci 

Visualizations    Janoušek & Havlíček