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2019          Completed



Team           Tomáš Kozelský, Alexandra Georgescu, Viktor Odstrčilík, Anna Bařinová, Oleksandr Voropai


Client          KROUPAHELÁN advokátní kancelář, s.r.o.
Size             600 m2
Suppliers     DURO design, Nest interier, HAY, Rendl

Photos    Alex Shoots Buildings



KROUPAHELAN is a family-run law firm with a young mindset and team.  The interior of their new offices was designed to project an approachable brand image while maintaining the seriousness of a trusted law firm.


Located in an iconic functionalist building in the city center of Brno, given spaces were based on central and narrow corridors. The consequential insufficiency of daylight led to the breaking down of the floorplan via opened common spaces and glazed partitions, allowing for more visual openness.


Special attention has been given to the main elements defining the common spaces, where materiality and colour play an important role. A pattern of concrete breezeblocks was used as a surface, wrapped with custom metal parts, providing functional furniture for the reception desk, the bar table and the garden and library units.The living and meeting spaces are defined by bold colours: the blue lagoon room features a ceiling light canoe, encouraging the team to sports activities and an active lifestyle, core values of the company.The brick-coloured room is the darkest and most intimate space of the office, and with its round table is suitable for small private meetings.Finally, the interior garden at the end of the corridor is surrounded with concrete blocks and lush greenery, an eye-catching element to look at every time one goes through the corridor and towards the offices.