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2019          Under Construction



Location    Brno, Czech Republic



Team         Tomáš Kozelský, Alexandra Georgescu, Viktor Odstrčilík

Client          Social Reactor
Propery area           4 000 m2

Photos         Boys Play Nice


After the success of The Distillery re-adaptation project in Brno, the Social Reactor is now expanding to a second location.

Chosen for its size, its potential, as well as for its strategic location, the previous school building dating 1919 includes over 3 000 sq/mt of usable spaces, and its one of the last standing buildings in the newly developing area of Vlnina, known as the biggest textile production plant of the city of Brno.

Differently than it’ s sister project, which is primarily dedicated to public events, the LYCEUM will welcome tenants with educational programs to rent the studios and shared facilities and also to bring-in valuable content to the rest of the community.

Among private studios and workspaces, it will feature also a co-working, workshops, a restaurant, an internal green yard and 2 gyms. Also the internal yard, at the moment filled with wild greenery, has the potential of becoming the core of the building, for shared activities and pop-up installations, bringing the community together as well as attracting the public from the outside.