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Modřice museum and library reconstruction

2020          Competition, 3rd prize

The design for the cultural center is led by the vision of providing more inclusion and connection between the visitors and the citizens of Modřice to its culture and identity. By sharing common spaces and related activities, different groups and generations are meeting spontaneously.

At an urban level, the solution supports this idea by opening to the street, connecting the new functions to the public realm, and inviting it in. By following the 19th century original plan, the new-builts naturally creates a central square where multiple functions coexisting and interconnect, providing to the center the image of an opened book, where everyone is welcomed.

At an architecture level, the design tackles each area accordingly to the demands of preservation or to functions expansion.

The original structure of the main building hosting the offices, the info point, the temporary and permanent exhibitions are kept and restored, in respect of its original architectural qualities. The removal of the existing partitions opens up the space in order to create fluidity and visual connections through the building. The second floor’s ceiling is removed to reveal its wooden frame, to provide a unique spatial experience for the temporary exhibitions. Other planned renovations include the revealing of the historical relief, as well as the re-placing of the existing staircase to its original position. The main engineering works are planned in the space of the old stables, where reinforcement is planned in order to keep the arches intact.

Informed by the demand for a large multifunctional space that the existing structure couldn't fulfill, the extension into the yard bonds the built cluster together with a neat yard perimeter, as well as working as a connecting element between the library, the museum, and the yard. Its volumetry fits the existing objects while enriching them with new materiality. The lower glasshouse is heated, while the roof, structurally holding the original wooden beams ceiling, is non-heated and from the outside, provides illumination to the yard, for the evening program.

The new-built hosting the library is made on the basis of the original plan and building methods. The traditional volumetry and timber structure counterbalances the application of new technologies and contemporary elements such as the large roof light well, the circular window, and the large corner big window to the street level.

The materiality of the exterior finishes is a roughly applied plaster, combined with concrete flooring in the cafeteria area, and brick flooring in the main spaces.

The internal frame of the windows and doors is wooden cladding, while the interior floors feature either concrete or natural stone.

Both temporary and permanent exhibitions feature an add-on wall to the original brick wall, on which glass box ‘vitrines’ can be installed and replaced based on the exhibition needs. At the center of the space, self-standing metallic podiums allow for larger-scale items to be exhibited.


Team           Tomáš Kozelský, Alexandra Georgescu, Viktor Odstrčilík, Táňa Kantor, Kateřina Baťková, Oleksandr Voropai, Katerina Cenovska



Client          Municipality of Modřice