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Riverside Housing

2018          Study



Location    Brno, Czech Republic



Team         Tomáš Kozelský, Alexandra Georgescu, Viktor Odstrčilík, František Košňar, Oleksandr Voropai

Client          Private
Propery area           5 000 m2

Located along a natural stream, this housing complex consists of six freestanding buildings, organized along two main roads with private accesses to each apartment. 
On the ground floor of the houses, a large number of common areas, BBQ zone, kids playgrounds, pavilions, and open areas were created to serve the different activities of the residents.
The shared spaces are connected through a continuous pathway furnished with sitting spaces and shared green zones.
Situated at the center of the plot, a natural lake is meant to be used by the residents, adding to the feeling of the of a small village in the nature, at the same time providing the comforts of contemporary living.
Clad in bricks, the volumetry of the houses feature cut-through for balconies and patios on the ground floor, finished with wooden surfaces.
The project combines the sense of privacy of single-family dwellings with the semi-public character of the shared spaces of a residential complex. The vision is to provide the residents with a functional space that is rich in experiential qualities. It puts an emphasis on the connection between the villageand the surrounding natural landscape of forest, lake, and river.