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2019          Completed



Location    Prague, Czech Republic



Team         Tomáš Kozelský, Alexandra Georgescu, Viktor Odstrčilík, Lenka Kostíková, Oleksandr Voropai


Client          Espressionista s.r.o.
Size          120 m2

Photos         Alex Shoots Buildings, Petra Mikado, Vojtech Tes


When Peter and Rene asked us to design their new cafe in Prague, we were thrilled to work with them on their new vision. The whole interior was designed with a clean and healthy way of living in mind, therefore all materials we introduced in the design are natural, from the terracotta surfaces, to the wooden custom furniture and metal parts, including the greenery.

There was never a compromise on quality of detailing, spaces nor materials, which is what we loved about working with the guys: everything is though and cared for.

All the interior was realized in collaboration with skilled craftsmen, from the carpentry to the metal works, we collaborated with professionals and following the process to the last detail.

We have divided the space into three parts – with each area having a bit of its own personality. We wanted the entry to represent the heart of the cafe, welcoming guests to a organic-shaped communal table, and immerse themselves into the greenery, a very important element of the space. The bar and kitchen areas have been wrapped by one simple material, a terracotta wine rack holder, hiding all technical equipments on one side, and giving the space warmth and depth, with unpredicted shadows and textures on the visitors side. An unique element we introduced was the extension of the bar counter into the space, providing with a high bar seating to encourage interaction with the bar staff.

The back of the space is the soft seating area, for more intimacy and bigger groups.

The metal elements introduced in the space, in collaboration with DURO design, were custom designed to bring electricity to the light sources and avoid visible cabling on top of the bar and on the walls, where the tubular elements purpose also as shelving systems and coat hangers.