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  • KOGAA is an international creative agency working across the fields of Architecture, Urban planning, Interior and Product design based in Brno, Czech Republic.


    KOGAA designs, directs and executes projects from concept through to creation. Thanks to its in-house specialists in engineering and interior design, projects are internally supervised at all times and in all project’s aspects. Operating across many scales, KOGAA’s core ambition that moves each project is to challenge the boundaries of architecture in innovative and unexpected ways, balancing creative excellence with social and technical demands. KOGAA believes in research as an essential design tool, since every project is unique and needs to be approached accordingly to its specific issues. A thorough study on the program, typologies, functions, site and historical background is essential for unique outcomes.

  • Alexandra Georgescu, MA. - Director

    Alexandra is a firm believer in collaborations, amongst colleagues, with clients, with stakeholders, Governmental Bodies, and with the people who make projects come to life. She believes in partnership relations with clients, whom which to share common goals.

    Educated as an Interior Designer, she is in charge of the Interior Design department at KOGAA, taking care of all Interior projects from clients communications to on-site controls. Her passion for design and creating high-value collaborations led Alexandra to found the design festival Brno Design Days, taking place on a yearly basis and acting as the main design event in the City.

    Tomas Kozelsky, MSc. - Director

    Design Director at KOGAA, Tomas is a big-picture thinker and visionary by nature. He oversees the design solutions for each project, making sure they follow our visions, the client's needs, as well as bringing an enrichment into the world of architecture. He has a wide-angle and in-depth view of every element of the work and sees future potential or problematics that might not be immediately obvious. He’s also a great communicator – both in person and on paper, giving lectures and publishing papers for the local Faculty of Architecture.

    Tomas's interest and knowledge in the re-use of Industrial facilities led some of our projects towards the Adaptive Re-Use in Architecture, such as The Distillery - Social Reactor project and DADA Distrikt. This specialization is developed further by pursuing a Ph.D. at Brno Faculty of Architecture as well as leading the Platform for Applied Research in Architecture and Urbanism Next Institute.

    Viktor Odstrcilik, Ing. arch. - Director

    Viktor's interest lies on the craft of feasibility of a project, crucial to the process. Viktor leads the delivery of our projects, proving we can bring conceptual thought and technical ability together all the way to the construction.

    Viktor is interested in the political development of the City and how us, as Architects, can make a change, and together with Tomas, is the co-founder of the Next Institute. 

    Lenka Kostíková - Architect      Martina Pappová - Architect     Kateřina Baťková  - Architect

    Táňa Kantor - Design Assistant   

    Oleksandr Voropai  - Design Assistant    

    Tereza Černa  - Intern     Darina Zelenitca  - Intern

  •      PRESS

    ERA21 01/16
    Magazine | 2016 | The Distillery project

    Wheel & Deal
    Book | 2015 | Made In China project

    FRAME Masterclass: Interior Design
    Book | 2014 | PullOver by Alexandra Georgescu

    Web | 2012 | PullOver Project 

    Evolo Skyscraper
    Book | 2012 | COARI: RISE Project 


    Brno Design Days
    Conference | 2016 - Brno, Czech Republic | THE DISTILLERY Project 

    Beijing Design Week
    Fair | 2013 - Beijing, China | MADE IN CHINA Project 

    Fair | 2013 - Milan, Italy | ROOD furniture collection

    Architecture of Fiction
    Exhibition  | 2012 - Forum 4AM: Brno, Czech Republic | RELICT HOOD Project 


    Urban Dynamics
    Academic track | 2016 - Brno, Czech Republic

    Dynamic, Hybrid, Parasite
    Workshop tutoring | 2014 - Trojanovice, Czech Republic

    Letni Skola Architektury
    Workshop tutoring & lecture | 2014 - Koprivnice, Czech Republic | B_EMA project

    Pecha Kucha Night
    lecture | Tomas Kozelsky | 19.12.2012 - Brno, Czech Republic | RELICT HOOD Project 

    Pecha Kucha Night
    lecture | Viktor Odstrcilik | 02.06.2012 - Brno, Czech Republic | Freestyle education (SOFA)

    Urban Interior 
    Workshop tutoring | 2011 - Faculty of Architecture, Cagliari, Italy

    Workshop | 26.4.2011 - 30.4.2011 -  Faculty of Architecture VUT, Brno, Czech Republic | Parametric design workshop

  • 2015

    2nd Prize
    Invited competition | Ivanovice - residential development

    Honorable mention
    Competition | New School Chýně

    1st Prize
    Invited competition | Kentico stand 



    3rd Prize
    Invited competition | ITC: International Teaching Center



    CORE 77 
    Award | PULLOVER



    Award nomination | B_EMA



    Honorable mention 
    Competition | eVolo Skyscraper - COARI: RISE


    and more to come.


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