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1+1 Showroom: The Fan

2015          Competition
Site   Beijing, China

Program   Exhibition
Team  Alexandra Georgescu, Mirka Šešulková, Tomas Kozelsky



This traditional Chinese object is the guiding concept behind the project. Its Eastern origins and Western usage, together with its simple technology and elegance, makes it the symbol of international long-lasting beauty, functionality and craftsmanship. Its simplicity of usage, transport and foldable abilities were the inspiring ingredients which shaped this design. The traditional details of the fan have been reduced to the clean lines of a minimalist contemporary design based on the rhythmic sequence of folding panels on which different sized objects are exhibited. The panels variety facilitates programmatic flexibility, allowing the space to function as an exhibition or a venue for lectures, screenings or workshops. The design enables the visitors to transition between public and private spaces, they can gather in open areas, visit the exhibition in solitude, rest in undisturbed tranquility, have a private meeting with the gallery staff or be part of interactions and activities. Its flat quality when closed makes all the pieces easily assembled, transportable and fitting into the storage area.

THE GATE Respectful of its architectural context, the bronze and glass new gate adopts the welcoming shape of a series of curved surfaces which embrace the coming visitors while functioning as areas for exhibiting sculptures and promoting current exhibitions. The exterior treatment unifies with the interior as a single element, tying together the different elements into one new identity for the gallery. The main surface is perforated with the plus element of the 1+1 logo, adding a layer of promotion while bringing more atmosphere and soft light into the interior spaces. Two main entrances are available for both visitors and bigger art objects to be able to go through.

THE ATMOSPHERE The atmosphere of the space is designed as a layered experience beginning at the entrance: a spatial sequence of contrasting elements—compressed and expansive, public and private, dark and light, unraveling with each step forward. From the entrance door, a continuous light fixture path creates the visual and physical connections throughout the entire space, from the entrance, through the main hall and the thin dark corridor along the VIP room, leading to the showroom space. The showroom has a darker feel to it which evokes a sense of mysterious exclusivity. INTERACTION An added level of information is provided to the visitors through a personalized interactive digital platform. By simply positioning their personal smarphones towards a specific object, visitors will automatically be directed to information on prices, origins, age and technical details on the artwork and artist.