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Brno Design Days 2017

2017          Completed

Location    Brno, Czech Republic

Team          Tomáš Kozelský, Alexandra Georgescu, Viktor Odstrčilík, Oleksandr Voropai, Dominik Smuhar, Barbora Cahova

Partners     City of Brno, South Moravian Region, JIC, TIC, Kastanova, Keraservis, Salon C4, Brno Stred, Czech Design, Insidecor, KARE, Tuplex, RD Rymanov,, SMS ticket, egoè, Vitra, South Moravian Region Office for Interregional Relations 

Photos        David Korsa, Jirka Hloušek  

The location for Brno Design Days 2017 was Pasaz Jalta, a former multi-functional building from the 30’s, dormant for over 10years and now under renovation. The strategic position of the building allows for three entrances from different axes of the city center, which we kept open for public, therefore activating the adjacent streets.

Based on the agenda of Brno Design Days 2017, KOGAA designed a series of consequent functions into the ground floor central passage. At the main entrance towards the square, a ‘jungle-like’ designer lounge was created thanks to the sponsor of Vitra which provided the event with a series of designer soft seatings.

Once entered one could visit the ‘exhishop’, a designer shop curated with selected designers from Czech and Slovakia. This area was also dedicated to the ticket sale and self-screen printing corner.

The portal to the main lecture hall was created in collaboration with artist and architect Ondrej Belica, with whom KOGAA designed six large inflatable columns made of transparent and reflective thermal shield sheets, black tape and air blown in constantly.

The central piece, made of chipboard planks and a structure of wooden profiles provided by RD Rymanov, was designed as a multi-functional platform used as a podium for lectures, a table for workshops and a catwalk for the fashion show.

As for the event bar,  we collaborated with Award Winning bar specialists 4Pokoje to design a custom-made concept bar called UNSEEN, featuring a translucent polycarbonate box provided by Tuplex with soap dispensers filled with cocktails to try rather than a traditional drink menu. Each customer could try the drink before ordering it at the bar.

Around the city, as a promotion for the event, KOGAA designed a series of ‘tags’ to be hanged as guerrilla advertising on public furniture and urban design objects which are ‘unseen’ by the citizens. These items are often neglected design pieces to be recognized for their functional and aesthetical values.