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Functionalist Villa Reconstruction

2018          Under Construction

     Řícmanice, Brno, Czech Republic


Team          Tomáš Kozelský, Alexandra Georgescu, Viktor Odstrčilík, 
                    Lenka Kostíková, Oleksandr Voropai

Client          Private

This singular functionalist house sits on a 75 square meters lot in the village of Řícmanice, 10km outside the city of Brno, Czech Republic.

It’s peculiarity stands in the load-bearing structure and wooden facade, both unusual elements for the architectural style and construction techniques of the 1920’s.

Despite the excellent conditions the house was kept in, its structure in time suffered some significant displacements, putting in jeopardy the stability of the cantilever. Previously resolved with the introduction of an alien supporting pillar, the architects ambition was to resolve the issue and disposing of all extraneous elements and return the initial functionalist values of the structure.

Given the initial summer cottage function of the building, a layer of insolation became an indispensable feature to be introduced in order to fit nowadays demand. To introduce the new layer, the wooden facade had to be removed and reapplied using a new wooden cladding in the same technique of finishing.

After evaluating its static condition and determine the necessary operations to be made, the building is now undergoing a structural stiffening, interior renovation, insolation, and facade replacement, all in respect for the original aesthetics.

The programmatic aim of the project was to completely rehabilitate the building, adapting it to the new owners’ requirements. Originally designed as a summer cottage, the owners’ needs led to split the buildings’ program both for domestic use and, on the ground floor, as a rentable studio.

The ground floor is designed as a self-standing unit with private entry and bathroom. The first floor with the living room space is a cantilevered and floating element over the gardens. The open plan room opens up completely to the life outside thanks to its big corner windows. Following the clients’ lifestyle of accommodating big dinners with family and friends,  the kitchen, dining and living room as one shared zone, in order to respond to the client’s lifestyle of accommodating big dinners with family and friends. Finally, the last floor is being adapted from an attic to a livable space, where hosts and family can stay. All floors featuring private terraces access and the last floor is accessed across a floating steel bridge connecting the house to the back gardens.