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2016          Completed
Location  Brno, Czech Republic
Program   Residential Interior
Team   Alexandra Georgescu, Tomas Kozelsky, Viktor Odstrcilik, Dan Sevcik, Mirka Sesulkova

The idea to create HYBRIDROOM came from the need of maximizing the usability of space within the bedroom. The tailored all-in-one body features a bed base, a set of shelves and drawers and a walkable platform with steps for accessing higher places.


The structural stability of the bed is ensured by the use of massive wooden beams of 150mm thickness which sit on top of each other creating a stable structural network. The application of a dark lack on the wooden surface helps emphasize the beauty of the wooden texture. In order to create contrast to the massive bed piece, we designed a light metal construction welded together as one ribbon-like object where the wardrobe elements fit into.