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Exhibition: Italian Design Act

2017          Completed



Location     Brno, Czech Republic



Program     Exhibition
Photos        Dominik Smuhař
Team           Viktor Odstrcilik, Alexandra Georgescu, Tomas Kozelsky, Dorian Beydon, Davide Caneo
Client           Italian Embassy of Prague


A four day long, fully immersing design experience at the Moravian Gallery featuring workshops, an exhibition, a pop-up shop and lectures of a new generation of active Italian designers.

The event offered an overview of multiple design practices of Product and Furniture Design, Fashion, Illustration, as well as new fields such as Interaction Design and Social Media.

The event was organized by the Italian Embassy in Prague, in collaboration with architecture studio KOGAA, in partnership with the City of Brno, the South Moravian Region, Tourist Information Center and Nová Mosilana, a.s.