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Mateřská škola POD VARTOU SEMILY

2016          Competiiton

Lokalita   pod Vartou, Semily, Czech Republic
Program   Mateřská škola
Tým   Alexandra Georgescu, Tomas Kozelsky, Viktor Odstrcilik, Mirka Sesulkova



The idea for this kindergarden is inspired by children's imagineries of a hideout such as castles, ships, treehouses and all the other places that trigger a kid's immagination, will of exploration, learning and a sense security. The architecture spaces are designed with two perspectives in mind: that of the adult who needs monitoring and control over the kids on one side, and that of a child who needs a kaledoscopic world in which his boundless fantasies can run freely.



Located in the southern part of Semily municipality, the plot sits right under the northern foot of the peak Na Treperce. It is a quiet zone separated from the bustle of the village. Since only one access road is present, which keeps the calmness of the location, the solution for parking and logistic was to place them at the northern end of the parcel.

The southern part of the plot, surrounded by greenery and with spectacular views was chosen as the ideal location for the placement of nursery's garden. The nursery itself is then set in relation to these two determinants and its morphology creates two new outdoor elements. One is the public space of the kindergarten, which combines the functions of main entrance, gathering, square and playground. The second one is the kindergarten itself, which is designed for keep kids in the respect for nature and with the idea of involving children in the process of plants cultivation. 



The layout of the building is made up of five main units which include a service area, the entrance and lobby, two nurseries and a small service area accessible only from the garden. The entire nursery space is designed in two levels: the children's level  which lays at + 1050 meters (above the 5-year vision) and the adults level. At the kids level, all openings and furniture elements allow the children a sense of intimacy and facilitate them to play by enhancing the feeling of safety. The space above this level is significantly more open and allow teachers to have a better supervision over the kids movements. The volume solution in this case comes from the floorplan. The roof accentuates the process of breaking down of polygons, which is intended to create a dynamic line-up to the mountainous environment and illuminate the deeper interior throught skylight openings. The materialization of the object is very natural and evokes a feeling of coziness, which is important for children.

The Interior solution works with materials and colors mainly to improve the orientation of children in space. Saturated colors muted tones stabilize the mood of users and strategically leads to targeted activities.



The gardens are divided into two parts, each belonging to a different school. However, we refrain from physical boundries, as fences and barriers are considered to be dangerous to build relationships. Especially at this age.