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Made In China: Mobile exhibition

2013          Completed

Team   Alexandra Georgescu, Tomas Kozelsky
In collaboration with   Jimi Chen
Presented   Beijing Design Week 2013
Photos   KOGAA 


MADE IN CHINA is a mobile exhibition of beautiful Chinese items: Made in China labeled products around the World are often associated with poor manufacturing. However, the everyday living of the people of China is surrounded by a multitude of timeless, durable & sustainable carefully crafted items. MADE IN CHINA exhibition put on display twenty-four of these objects during the Beijing Design Week as a reminder that quality, beauty and good design can be found just around the corner. Each of the twenty-four items in the collection are floating inside a white plastic box, treating them as precious design pieces. The boxes are clamped together in order to create a cluster, recalling the Chinese custom of carrying a multitude of things of any means of transportation.