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ROOD: Rope & Wood furniture

2012          Completed

   Alexandra Georgescu, Tomas Kozelsky
Presented   MACEF 2013
Photos   KOGAA 


The idea behind ROOD was inspired by the paper slotted animal toys construction technique in combination with the ancient craft of rope weaving, yet translated into a functional furniture item. ROOD design is driven by the characteristics of the plywood in junction with the rope material. The plywood has the ability to create structure and strength while the rope provides the seat with flexibility and high tensile stability. ROOD furniture does not use any additional connection elements for the construction, its a self standing structure created by four legs of two kinds, one positive and one negative, fitting one into the other. Finally, the rope is braided around the structure and tightened in order to create a stiff sitting surface. Each item in the collection takes on a different personality depending on the material and colour used for the rope.