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2015          Competition

Site   Modřice, Czech Republic
Program   Sport Hall
Team   Tomas Kozelsky, Viktor Odstrcilik, Tomas Vizalek, Jaroslav Vokal 


The overall concept of the design for the sports hall was based on finding a solution for the limited conditions of the plot and the physical relations to its surroundings. In order to avoid for the main hall to develop into a bulky mass solution and a barrier to adequate classrooms lighting, the hall was placed at the southwestern corner of the plot, therefore allowing a certain distance from neighboring buildings.

The second step was to embed the hall 1.6 meters into the ground and thus reduce its profile. The other main solution was to adopt a winding lane around the main hall for the other functions, which ceiling hights demands followed a ramp-like design.

The entire proposal also closely links with other neighborhood area through the generation of public spaces, creating a complex project that can enrich not only the sporting community but the city of Modřice too.