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2017          Completed
Location  Brno, Czech Republic
Program   Retail
Photos Lukáš Pelech and Dominik Šmuhař
Team   Alexandra Georgescu, Tomas Kozelsky, Viktor Odstrcilik, Elsa Claesen, Dorian Beydon
Specialists  Tomáš Görig

THEO&CO. is a Brno based concept store selling unique local designer pieces as well as international brands.
KOGAA worked together with THEO&CO. to prepare a custom-made solution for their new interiors, which would reflect the clean, linear and craftsmanship direction of their brand.
The new store features a wooden podium that acts as a connecting element between two existing areas: the selling space and the backstage. The podium gives shape to a new functional area where all primary needs of the store such as the selling counter, the cabin, storage and the display are embedded into one piece. The custom-design object allows for freedom of usage in other unexpected ways, such as catwalk shows, exhibitions or a place to rest. 
All the store is designed to be experienced as a fluid space with no dead-ends or unusable areas, providing a spacious experience enriched with a few intimate moments.
The second design feature of the store is the secret garden. The garden should grow in time, transforming into a urban jungle where hidden objects for purchase can be found.