Ilina Cvetkova, Architect


Ilina Cvetkova is an architecture graduate from the faculty of architecture in Ljubljana with a master thesis on having an unconventional approach towards creating a cultural center on the area of a 19th century Tobacco factory. Ilina spent the years during her studies and following her graduation participating in research projects and collaborating with other architectural firms in Ljubljana, Riga, Paris and Amsterdam working on various projects in order to grow professionally and upgrade my knowledge in a more practical way.

‘I am interested in already built sites, their re-use, restoration, adjustment, conservation and developing a certain character. A very important aspect of my education and being able to work in renowned studios is that it enriched my idea of implementing sustainability, water culture, circularity and biodiversity in the process of developing a project. I would describe my approach as strategic, innovative and pragmatic which helped me gain more experience of how ideas can be transform into a realistic scenario.’