Maria Minic, Project manager, Architect

Maria completed her Master’s degree at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio, Switzerland where she had the opportunity to experiment with different fields and to get to know many views on what architecture is or should be:

‘What became clear to me is that architecture should not be about producing objects, but about building networks of people, understanding and activating places, and taking care in an active way of the environment we live in. In the years I spent in Mendrisio I worked on various projects, always trying to link wider social and territorial issues to the architectural development of an intention, down to the smallest construction detail.’

During her practice year at Caruso St John in Zürich she participated in the development of the DBM biomedical laboratory project in Basel.

Maria believes that as architects we have the opportunity, and thus the duty, to do our best to improve the context in which we live. The more we know it, the more likely it is that we can actually trigger a change.

She is working on various projects from small scales such as the +kk summer bar of the 4Pokoje hospitality brand to some adaptive reuse, and affordable housing around the country.