Nikola Linhart, Office manager

Office manager

Nikola works at KOGAA since 2019, where her multitasking and organizational skills as a Property & Events manager for non-profit projects The Distillery – social reactor, Lyceum, and Brno Design Days.

Also, she is in charge of the social and crowdfunding projects of the studio such as the participation project for creating new public spaces in the city.

Nikola is an active member of the cultural association Napříč.cz, where she participates in the creation and production of plays, films or happenings, and co-creates the content of the website and social networks. She has also been interested in digital and analog photography and she is the co-founder of

She studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Brno University of Technology and the Theory of Interactive Media at Masaryk University, where she enrolled after graduating from a high school of advertising and arts in Prague.