Tomas Kozelsky, Founding Partner

Design Director at KOGAA, Tomas is a big-picture thinker and visionary by nature. He oversees the design solutions for each project, making sure they follow our visions, the client’s needs, as well as bringing an enrichment into the world of architecture. He has a wide-angle and in-depth view of every element of the work and sees future potential or problems that might not be immediately obvious. He’s also a great communicator – both in person and on paper, giving lectures and publishing papers for the local Faculty of Architecture. Tomas’s interest and knowledge in the re-use of Industrial facilities led some of our projects towards the Adaptive Re-Use in Architecture, such as The Distillery – Social Reactor, KUMST project, FUTURUM and DADA Distrikt. This specialization is developed further by pursuing a Ph.D. at Brno Faculty of Architecture, where he teaches to the new generation of young architects.