TeamTomáš Kozelský, Alexandra Georgescu, Viktor Odstrčilík, Kateřina Baťková, Nikola Linhartova, Ilina Cvetkova, Markéta Fišerová
VisualsMangoshake, SOHO Visuals
Co-AuthorsAMBIENTE, Veronika Rùt
ConsultantsECOTEN, POSTROP, Kateřina Šeda, SO CONCRETE, Milan Doležal

The world exhibition EXPO can be perceived as a think-tank of solutions to global hot topics where participants should show their natural ability to grapple with these topics. At present, it is mainly about questions on the sustainability of human development in each conceivable consideration. In our proposal for Osaka Expo Czech Pavilion 2025, all of answers can be found in the phenomenon of “Czech village”. This is not a breakthrough high-light all-rounder invention, but a rigorous analysis of our historical reference and a humble acceptance of aspects of the social and cultural traditions that we are in the rapid development of recent years have lost our attention, were abandoned and often forgotten.

We thank the co-authors who developed the project with us AMBIENTE, Veronika Rùt, and consultants ECOTEN, POSTROP, Katerina Seda, and SO CONCRETE.

Competition organized by CCEA MOBA