CompletionSpring 2019 and Summer 2021
Size120 m2
LocationWarsaw, Polland and Prague, Czech Republic
TeamTomáš Kozelský, Alexandra Georgescu, Viktor Odstrčilík, Joseph Řehák, Oleksandr Voropai, Táňa Kantor, Kateřina Baťková
ClientGOAT s.r.o.
SuppliersDURO Design
PhotographyAlex Shoots Buildings and Mar Kowalczuk

TYPIKA is a specialty cafe with locations in Prague and Warsaw. The brand is focused on the care for locally sourced raw ingredients and healthy eating culture.

The interior of both locations was designed with the same mindset, respecting the locality as well as keeping the recognizable features of the brand interior.

In the Prague cafe, the main material applied throughout the space is an ordinary terracotta drainage pipe. The raw material creates a pattern that envelopes the bar and kitchen areas, becoming the central element of the cafe.

For the Warsaw space we opted for a wooden pattern that would recreate the same concept of plastic materiality of the Prague cafe.

In both cafes we worked with a layout made of distinctive typologies of areas, each carrying a different way of sitting, function, and character. Typical for both locations, both entrances welcome guests to an organic-shaped communal table, immersing them into the integrated greenery, and encouraging conversation.